The best Ukrainian souvenir offers Poltava

18 July 2018
The best Ukrainian souvenir offers Poltava

Poltava Automobile Units Plant is pleased to present the meat grinder in a gift polishing option. In addition to its attractive and aesthetically pleasing appearance, it also has increased productivity, thanks to the improved design of the knife.

Poltava Automobile Units Plant successfully completed the operational tests TIS.

The previously launched development of a new product line, which involves new opportunities for increasing productivity and efficiency in the use of agricultural machinery - the tire pressure control system (TIS), has begun to bring its first results. In the current month, operational tests were completed on the basis of OOO Raiz-Vostok, which, taking this opportunity, we express our deep gratitude for the fruitful cooperation and assistance provided.

More details of the test results can be found in the attached certificate of test results. More information about the system itself can be obtained from the link http://www.paaz.com.ua/useful_articles.php?article=757.

The development of a new product is a painstaking and time-consuming process. But bringing to the market and presenting the product to future consumers is an equally difficult job. It is more important than ever to bring the maximum amount of useful information. We hope that the information provided will be useful and relevant to a wide range of those who are interested in the automotive and agricultural machinery market, as well as our customers, both those we are working with now, and those who will make a choice in favor of our products in the near future

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