60 years of trucking in Ukraine

17 April 2018
60 years of trucking in Ukraine

April 17, 1958 can safely be called the year of the formation of a truck-building industry in Ukraine. It was on this day that the Central Committee of the CPSU and the Council of Ministers of the USSR issued a decree according to which the Kremenchug Combine Plant was redesigned for the production of heavy-duty 3-axle cars with a carrying capacity of 10-14 tons, taking production from the Yaroslavl Automobile Plant.

60 years old is a mature age, but not for the enterprise. Today, KrAZ is the leader of the Ukrainian automotive industry, the only national manufacturer of trucks with a full production cycle. The thorny path of the establishment of the plant from the production of bridges, combines to automobiles, its development, space takeoff, near bankruptcy, revival, periodic crisis strikes - all this has tempered the enterprise, its labor collective, and has set for even more effective work. We are strong in our traditions, our personnel, our products, which are known in more than 70 countries of the world. We are strong with our partners, who, with orders and support at different levels, give KrAZ confidence that it produces the product that the country needs.

The success of our partners and colleagues is our success. Their joy is our joy. And that's why now we, with a feeling of great joy and pride, congratulate AvtoKrAZ on this significant anniversary.

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of your enterprise for the sustainable functioning of most industries and transport not only in Ukraine, but also in the countries of the near and far abroad. Your enterprise copes with honor with difficulties arising on your way and truly is the city-forming object on which the well-being of not only thousands of car builders depends, but also the progressive development of the entire region. Thanks to your company, Kremenchuk has become the Ukrainian capital of the truck industry. The highest production and scientific potential allowed the company to become a leader in the production of trucks and special equipment meeting international standards. Reliability, high throughput and high carrying capacity, ability to work in any temperature conditions, simplicity of maintenance have made your technology indispensable in many industries, in the Armed Forces of the country. And on this solemn day we wish long years to your enterprise and its staff, even if one generation of employees replaces another one, as a proof of the longevity of the plant and the right business path, even if your production is successful, the circle of clients is wide, the foreign and domestic policy is flexible.

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