Team PAAZ - Participants of the Half marathon

04 September 2017
Team PAAZ - Participants of the Half marathon

3 September 2017 in the heart of the cultural capital of Ukraine for the third time Poltava International Semi-Marathon took place. Last year, more than 750 athletes experienced their strength in different disciplines. This year the participants gathered more than a thousand - energetic and positive people who connected their lives with sports! In addition to the basic discipline of 21 kilometers, there were also races at a distance of 10 and 3 km, children's races at 1 kilometer and 300 meters, the relay race. The event encompassed not only professional sportsmen, but also many fans of bright and dynamic rest!

Poltava Automobile Units Plant also did not stay aloof from this event - our athletes participated in races, exposing, perhaps, the most numerous team.

Training began at the stadium "Vorskla" under the guidance of the coach in July last year. As a result, 32 people (22 adults and 10 children) took the distance, of which five took part in the marathon for 21 kilometers, eight chose a 10-kilometer distance, the rest ran 3 kilometers.

But the team of the Poltava Automobile Units Plant does not plan to stop training. Every Tuesday at the stadium "Vorskla" are happy to see new employees who want to join the marathon team of PJSC "PAAZ". We are glad to everyone who is ready to run with us!

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