Day of the defender of Ukraine at the Poltava Automobile Aggregate Plant

14 October 2017
Day of the defender of Ukraine at the Poltava Automobile Aggregate Plant

For many, this holiday is new, but at the same time, on October 14, the Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos has been celebrated, and since 1999 the Day of Ukrainian Cossacks. And let everyone have their own opinion and assess the degree of importance for themselves of this or that holiday, whether new or traditional, it is fair for us that every holiday is not just an abstract date in the calendar, but a day that is dedicated to someone. Behind every memorable or festive date there are living people who have striven for something, had high goals and ideals. And a day honored by the defenders of the Motherland, people who, given the call of duty or their own choice, now or a hundred years ago, gave up a part of their lives, and sometimes everything, can not and should not just be a date in the calendar.

Such people work at the Poltava auto-assembly plant, and we are proud that the participants of the ATO, people who rightly can be called defenders of Ukraine, are among us. Eight employees of the enterprise were awarded by the Day of Advocates of Ukraine with letters of commendation, a cash prize and valuable gifts from the management of the enterprise.

Once again, we congratulate our veterans of the Armed Forces and all of whose life is related to the defense and the defense of our Motherland - Ukraine, all those who today perform the sacred military duty, your relatives and friends who have shared and share with you trials and difficulties. With all our heart we wish you good health, festive mood, personal happiness and prosperity!

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